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204                                              MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

the right. The cerebral vessels were similarly congested, free blood being
present with clots around the medulla, between the cerebellum and tentc-
rium and over the island of Keil. Both lateral ventricles were full of blood-

Medico-Legal Questions.—Deaths by electric currents arc- mostly
accidental Recently, a case occurred in one of the suburbs of Bombay, in
which a milkman was accidentally killed by touching the door of the house
where he had gone early in the morning to sell milk. The owner of the
house had attached a live wire to the door to prevent the entrance of thieves.

The danger of flying kites in the vicinity of overhead electric supply
lines is illustrated by a fatal accident which occurred in Jullundur city.
While flying a kite with the ordinary string, a boy happened to touch a live
electric wire with his kite, and was burnt badly and rendered unconscious.
He succumbed eventually to his injuries. On the day of the occurrence, the
ground was wet with rain and the string appears to have been moistened by
contact with it.19

Suicide by electric currents is rare, but a few cases have been reported.
A man,20 named Paul Thiebault, with a view to committing suicide, deli-
berately took hold of the electric conductors at the works of M. Chertemps
in Paris, and met with an instantaneous death. A case 21 is recorded where
a young man committed suicide by attaching to himself an electric installa-
tion, operating a potential of 200 volts, and timed to make contact during his

Homicide by electricity, though extremely rare, is quite possible. In
January 1927, certain colliery proprietors of Cardiff were charged with
manslaughter of a collier, who was electrocuted during a ratting expedition.
It was alleged that a copper wire in the fence was electrified from the
powerhouse to protect the coal bunkers.22

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